Kohl Ithmid
Kohl Ithmid
Kohl Ithmid

Kohl Ithmid (25g) - Natural Eyeliner

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Pure & Authentic Kohl Ithmid (25 grams)

Tested to ensure that there is no lead and no chemicals.

Kohl Ithmid is a natural eyeliner which not only looks amazing, but also nourishes the eyelashes helping them grow longer and thicker.

Kohl Ithmid is also known to strengthen the nerves of the eye, and is typically used as a cure for many ocular diseases.

Once applied, it can remain for up to 72 hours. Which means one container will last you an incredibly long time.

A beautiful brass container is included free of charge with your order.

This Kohl Ithmid is pure and authentic - Obtained from Yemen.